We as a culture believe as "who" and "what" to be alienated from society, when in reality, they are not so different from you and me. 

This mural depicts a point of view that doesn't understand the Muslim culture. They're viewed as outsiders, for the image shows drones watching over them, resembling we are scared of the unknown.
This political bias represents how other groups rip apart and criticize others beliefs. This comes along the lines of how the Other is perceived by outsiders, for they do not agree with their ideas.
Outsiders are viewed as a shady, unknown group, so it is necessary to survey closely on the group. This idea of trust is lost when a group is alienated from society, making them "necessary" to watch.
This man is depicted as an individual, which is a common theme when dealing with the Other. He wears a gas mask and is bolded, representing what he stands for is sealed only to him.
The hands writing in a book are confined by handcuffs. This shows how people who are viewed as outsiders are permanently judged for what they have to say, for their ideas are "different".
This early painting depicting Christ represents a big idea of the Other. Christ was viewed as "different" because of his religious beliefs, which is the label placed on these people of the Other.
Two men who appear to be police officers are kissing. This idea makes people not in this group uncomfortable because they are not accustomed to same-sex ideas, so they are labeled as outsiders.
This painting exemplifies the Other as peasants bowing down to their king. This idea of the lower classes not being associated with society is a big factor with the Other.
This man who is a part of the Other can be interpreted many different ways. He can be labeled for his skin color or where he stands in society. Also the police are white, singling him out.
The Other can be labeled by different things people do that others might not necessarily do, which makes them individuals. This outsider idea puts them below others who may not do these activities.
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