The art of drawing solid objects on a two-dimensional surface so as to give the right impression of their height, width, depth, and position in relation to each other when viewed from a particular point.

I am from Texas. This over view of this photo shows its true beauty and the wide range of culture in the area.
This piece shows the way perspective can trick the eye into believing size in a photo. The pillars allow you to understand the size of the building.
The distance between the angry man and the city can show separation or hate. Leaving the island on a bad note and moving on. This perspective allows you to feel emotion.
Perspective can also confuse the eye. This piece will bring your eyes in 10 different directions and blow your mind.
At first glance, this photo looks like a globe. When you look closer, you realize that this is a field with trees in a 360 degree photo.
In more of a modern feel, you get the sense of futuristic atmosphere. The photo also shows a field in the distance giving it a city/wilderness feel.
This picture still messes with my eyes. I believe it was taken from underneath the tree, but the angles are confusing. Perspective gives you an atmosphere and this photo is mind blowing.
There is a combination of two perspective photos in this artwork. The combination shows you the change from rugged land to a cityscape.
The solid color red seems to symbolize the common nature of everything in the photo. You can see all through out the artwork and see the depth in a massive mountain scene.
This photo shows a long road with cars commuting to work. It then explodes with color as you seen an amazing work of abstract art. The change gives you the feeling of a sliver lining moment.
Every room in this photo changes the feeling of the picture in your brain. The distance and color change also changes the mood of the area.
This photo shows the size of the buildings, but it also fades into a blue atmosphere. The mood becomes happy and you can feel the mood of the area.
This work of abstract also shows the depth of the stairs. Your mind gets lost in this work and shows depth.
This photo gives me the feeling of a never ending dream. The perspective shows the trail go on for an infinite length.
Perspective gives this cathedral a massive view on size. Showing the people gives you a scale to measure the building and understand the monumental size.
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