The Downfall Human Nature

This gallery is showing the weaknesses of human nature and how we as regular humans fight against ourselves and others. All of these human natures are present in the book "Night" by Elie Wiesel.

In this picture it shows a man turning away from the dead man. In a fight for survival people would turn their back on the helpless and dead to better their chances of living longer.
This picture shows how someone or something can seem so safe and promising and instead it leads you to your death. That is what family members did to each other so that one of them would survive.
In this picture their is a girl in her bed that has no hope left and is dreaming of terrible things such as death. The prisoners would have to have hope or else they too would think of death and give up.
This girl is praying to some godly figure and she believes in something and the prisoners would often pray to have something to believe in that would help them feel better and hope that they still could be saved.
This sculpture simply shows how the fittest survive and how the weak must fight harder to stay alive and that it is easier for the strong to live longer and prey on the weak.
This picture shows a human controlling the animals in this cage because the human is the strongest one their and that is similar to what the guards did to the prisoners because they believed that they were the stronger people.
This picture shows two masks, one showing terror and fear and the other showing joy or hope. People would wear the mask of joy and hope and lie to others to make them feel better when really they were terrified.
In times of trouble and distress people will create what they want to believe and will also spread that lie to make others feel better. Many people in this book would lie to themselves and to others to make themselves better and try and make the atmosphere better.
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