Women in art

This gallery is a fine collection of women in art. It includes women who represent female power for good and evil, and female objects of beauty and desire. -Imani Palmer

This nude artwork is frequently referred to, because as a nude portrait, it has great elements of space within the portrait. The woman portrays the significance of intimate beauty. Although it is not a portrait of female power, it's a portrait that explains the element of natural beauty.
This artwork portrays a Sleeping Gypsy who is sleeping the night away through a bad case of fatigue. The artwork carries symbolism. She's feeling perplexed from all sides and she fights the fatigue of the Lion. As she sleeps, the fatique (lion) or daily struggles do not break her. I chose this to add to the gallery because it reminds me of female empowerment in art. Although the roaming gypsy sleeps, she will not be destroyed.
In this artwork, there's a woman (mermaid) who is nurturing a young man who she is allowing to lay upon her chest. She embodies and portrays a symbol of nature and compassion. This artwork is great for my selection because it embodies the significance of female compassion.
The abandoned doll signifies a young girl who sits on her bed letting her mother pat her dry. The young girl sits nude upon her bed, observing her body from a hand-held mirror. It represents a girl growing into a woman. I chose this artwork because it deals with the feeling of confidence and self-esteem.
This artwork is particularly haunting because it portrays a young girl who is greeted by death. Death is portrayed in this painting as a soul, and a reeper of some sort to come and take away this young girl's life. It's haunting and confusing because she lays her head upon Death's chest, as Death continues to cradle her. I chose this artwork because it demonstrates the females powerless behavior, as death comes to take away her life.
Judith by School of Guido Reni portrays a woman with motive and powerful ways. She holds a sword to signify her strength and all of her power. I added this artwork to the gallery because it is about female power, and captures the attention of most.
Ulysses and the Sirens by John Williams Waterhouse is a very eerie artwork that portrays the darkness of female power in a negative light. I added this to the collection because of the dark subject matter of female monsters' who carry such strong female power. In the artwork you can see a man on a ship surrounded by the female sirens and under the influence of their dark power.
The Siren is a painting created by Giulio Aristide Sartorio. This artwork relates to the enchantment and desire of female. I chose this artwork because it relates to the desire of a female. In the artwork, there's a man that is captured by the beauty of the mermaid-siren, and he is drawn to her allure of her siren ways.
Bartolomeo Guidobono's artwork of The Sorceress is very vivid and supernatural. I chose this painting because it reflects the subject of women in art. She's a female who portrays female power (although evil). In this artwork, you can clearly see the sorceress with her wand of dark magic and book of spells. There's a man under her table that looks tortured inside, and it's possibly the man who's soul she is torturing.
Paris and the Three Goddesses was an oil painting,created in 1802-1803. Bertel Thoraldsen portrays a very frequent re-produced scene from the Illiad. In the painting, you can see the Trojan prince who has made his ultimate choice of the Goddess, Paris as he dares to offer her the "golden apple" and Cupid cannot help but to cling to the goddess Venus.
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