Sunrise and Sunset

Artwork involving the beautiful colors of a sunrise and sunset.

This is my favorite piece in the collection I made. I love the bright colors used here. I feel like the artists added his own flare on this because im sure the sunset iddnt actually look this concentrated in color. I love how he did this and i love how the water looks like a rainbow sea. 
This is doen by the same artist as the previous one. I love the orange and salmon colors poking through. This one is very different than the last. It seems more quiet and serene. 
This one is beautiful. I like the use of yellow and purples in the sky. I also like th landscape and how it feels like you can look on for miles.
This one is really nice. I like how you can see the texture of the clouds and the sky looks really smooth. I also like how the darker orange on the bottom fades up to a lighter orangey yellow. 
This piece is tragic. I can feel the wife's sorrow as she holds her dead husband.  However there is a beautiful orange sunset in the back round that balances out the picture. 
This piece is done by the same artist as the last piece.  I like how  the bright sunset is gleaming in on the dark cave. 
I like this one because when you look up close it doesnt look like much. All of the detail gets taken away. but from a far its a beautiful orange and purple and blue and yellow. 
This picture is extremely famous. and when finding pictures for this project i didnt even think about putting this one in. When i came across it knew it was perfect for this collection however. The sky in the backround is beautiful. I love the bright orange colors next to the bright blue. 
Something about the simplicity of this painting just makes it breathtaking to me. The sun in the background looks so realistic and the orange and turquoise/green sky is also beautiful. 
This painting is a lot darker than the rest of them. However the sky looks brilliant because you can tell that the sun just put its light on a dark farm. 
this sunrise picture is lovely. i like how you can see the the suns light is reflecting onto the clouds and the clouds look reddish orange.
This picture is different than the others in the collection. This is because it is a photograph. I love the white and pink and purple sky in the background. Its absolutely beautiful.
I LOVE this painting. It says so much.  and i feel like the sky isnt even a big part of the picture but it draws you closer to the mountains in the bakcroudn that are actually in the shape of a person. 
This one is really nice. I like the oranges and purples used together. I looks like a more realistic sunrise 
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