Kevin's shape gallery 

Its awesomeness with art

I think this art piece is a form of atmospheric perspective because the amount of details and desrciption put into the image pops out more because of the way the details infront pop towards you as the background blurrs out
This art image is a form of low and high contrast because the amount of space in the image really shows. Also the choice of the colors shows a type of mood of mystery and illusion.
This shows a volumetric type of image because its a 2 dimensional shape and is fully colored in with a variety of colors.
This art piece is non objective shape because the shapes are filled out and the color variety varies.
This is value distribution because the amount of lightness and darkness distributed through out the whole art image.
This is a Chiaroscuro because it has a light and dark shades of colors and shadows are in the image.
This is a value distributed image because all the shapes are evenly organized and are colored in with detail.
Credits: All media
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