The passion of the color blue

by Michael Simmons

This one really caught my attention because I thought it was a boat but it was a bowl. Its vert well done and the star really pops out.
I picked this one because the blue cap pops out and it looks very interesting.
The dragon really caught my attention and it looks like it is telling story. They used the blue very in the vase and it looks amazing.
This one shows off a erie vibe and it looks so peaceful and calm. The blue is used very well in this one.
The blue in this one shows her inner self. Maybe her inner self is sad and thats why it is blue. It is very well done
Her dress looks so real and it looks like you can touch it. The blue makes it pop out and it looks very well done.
At first I didn't know what this was but then it looked like a wrecked boat. It really pops out because of the yellow box. It looks very interesting to me.
The blue in this one is very well used, It shows a creepy vibe and makes the graveyard spooky. I like how it looks like it belong in thriller. It is really well done
This one of course is abstract art but it really pops out and it caught my attention. At first I thought it was a jungle gym and it looks very well done.
This one looks amazing. The blue lights ups nd it almost looks like stars. I almost looks real and it is very well done.
This one they used blue for the whole background and it makes the characters pop out. It looks like it was painted or finger painted. It is very well done.
The color blue really makes the horse pop out in this painting. It shows off a happy vibe and It looks like it belong in a kids book.
This one looks really cool and it makes you think how big the sculpture really is. The blue makes it look like it makes it bigger. It is very well done.
The paint really shows off a lonely vibe because the horse is alone. They really used the color blue very well. It makes me interested in the painting.
The red house really pops out to me because of the blue sky. This one is really one of my favorites.
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