Every man tries to create a future for himself, family and country and John F. Kennedy was the perfect representation for who a true man is!!!

One of the country's most significant president because of what he stood for and who he stood with.
JFK was a bright young man growing up. His family gain their financial wealth by taking part in boot-legging when alcohol was banned in most of the United States.
While growing up he followed in his father's footstep of getting exceptional education and he made the best of it. He also did not make his family's wealth defined ho he was as a man.
While growing up he saw himself just like everyone else. He joined the military at a very young age and it gained him much respect from the American people when he was running for president.
When he was elected as president, he was loved because his people skills were perfect. He could meet with anyone and resolve any issue with just words.
He got married to a lovely woman by the name of Jacqueline who was also loved by the country because she was a reflection of him and she was the strong woman he needed behind him to give support.
The Kennedy Family was well observed in life because they seems perfect and this was what every American Family wanted to be at that point in time.
JFK was one president who believe he was always one of the people, so he always drove in a topless car so everyone could see him as a normal human being.
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