Ceramic Project: trayce jones 


this shows rhythm because the pattern on the ceiling makes it look the its drifting off
this shows a Variety because there color line emphasis all in one
i feel like this shows form because any clay vase has form that's how the stand up 3d if it was just a slab it would be hard to make a vase
this shows Color because there is so much colors and brightness to tis
this show the element line because there are several scratched out engraved lines on this broken vase
this has Value because the look of it it's really blue and slightly gets lighter going to the top
this has space because any project is gonna have space. negative or positive space
this kinda shows shape because its a slab of clay that has clay on top of it 2-d
right off the bat there's texture because if I was gonna hold this I would say the it is hard and pokey
this has Emphasis because the project is revolving around the picture in the middle
this shows Pattern because it's repeating a design up and down the whole vase
this shows balance because if I was to cut this pot in half it would look exactly alike and have the same weight as each other
this shows lots harmony because there is multiple clay sculptures made to be in one big act
this shows Proportion because if there were to be a actual baby right there from the looks of it. it is proportionally the same size as a regular baby
this shows movement because the guy is looking up like he's about to get attacked by something
Credits: All media
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