In this image, the lines show direction directing you to the center of the image where the circles are located.
Contour lines are used in this. They are simple lines that have a lot of power. Without the lines the people and the animal would not be able to be seen in this image.
This image uses a directional line to directing your attention to the "person" on the left.
The lines in this image are forming the houses and mountain. The lines have a distinct use in this image.
The vertical lines on this image display a sense of direction moving north.
This picture has communicative lines. The vertical lines on the ground communicate with the horizontal lines on the furniture.
THis picture conveys vertical and horizontal lines creating a larger image. On the right of the picture the smaller images create a larger image of a cross.
This image conveys lines that separate smaller images giving an illusion of different layers
This image displays vertical lines on the buildings that contrast with the horizontal lines of the boats and the water.
Lines in this image are separating smaller pieces of the bigger picture. Thicker lines separate different images, thinner lines are just dividing the one picture into smaller squares.
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