21 Federalist period artwork

By: Shida Delgosha

In this artwork you can see a young Mother is sitting by her baby who is sleeping. In the back you can see the mother's parents and the baby's grandparents. I chose this image because i likes how they added the frame into this picture as part of the art.
I chose this artwork because I liked how the colors were painted on here, the way John decided to make the sky color red to match the soldiers uniforms. This picture stood out to me mostly because of the choice of the different shades of color.
In this picture what stands out to me the most is what Mrs. Yates is wearing. Usually in self portraits you see people wearing dark colored clothing and in the picture she has something in her hand and other portraits usually don't have anything in their hands.
In this painting you can see some sorta party going on in the back but instead of cinderella going and joining people at the party she is by herself petting her cat. It shows that she prefers her cat's company rather than other people's.
In this Oil on canvas art work you can see how hard working the men were. I noticed that everything is pretty dark in the painting except the man in the middle standing .
In this art work I noticed that the painting wasn't painted all the way to the edges, it was painted on a round enclose without the chain so it's only the piece of art work that hangs on the neck.
I chose this because it is something I would put up in my room. I liked how he used the colors. He made the sky kinda match the fall.
Here you can see two friends sitting down and reading some kind of notebook or a book together calmly.
Here it seems like a single mother with two kids and she is holding one of them and the other one in on the floor.
the man here does not seem very happy but the plant seems very alive and happy by the colors and the lengt of the plant.
Usually when food is displayed they are put into a bowl but these vegetables are put out on the table to be displayed.
I like how the melon is cut into half but isn't really a perfect cut. You can see inside the melon and how red it is.
You can see how Sarah is wearing dark clothing because it makes her skin lighter and her face stand out even more.
Charles king usually paints single portraits, it is interesting that he chose to pain many people in one painting because as you can see it is painted well.
This image makes people appriciate nature more because it is not like this anymore at all. Now we have all of this technology but back then it was beautiful like this.
Shaw could have just drawn a simple painting of nature but he decided to add a kinda scary looking branch to make it unique.
I chose this art work because I liked how the colors were displayed and how the shadows were placed.
You may think this is a painting but if you look closely it does not have any strokes a painting would have.
This a statue of a child, usually they are grown people but Houdon decided to make one of a child.
I liked this because it makes you focus on the face because there is no clothing added to the art work. there is nothing else to look at except his face.
I likes how his whole body is displayed and that it is a different color that most statues.
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