Colors of Love-Jolandra Haynie

The depiction of colors that represents love. The representation of the elements and different stages of love.

This is a bouquet of colorful flowers and fruit with a river in the background.This painting displays a nice romantic scenery .This creates the atmosphere for love , romance,and relationships.The bright and warm colors give off a warm loving feeling.The colors of the flowers create a romantic mood for love.The colors pink, red,yellow,light blue,orange,light purple,and light green associates a lot with the holiday valentines day.
In this photo there is a man painting the letters L-O-V-E.In each letter there is all kinds of shapes and designs inside of them.The colors like red and pink in the painting represents joy, passion, romance, and love.The colors like yellow, green, and orange represents freshness , peace, and pleasure.This painting reminds you of all the different feelings and moods related to love.
This painting is one of my favorites.There is a mother in the painting and her child.This to me symbolizes and reminds me of the love that a mother and child has for each other.There is nothing like a mother loving their child and a child loving their mother becuase it's unconditional .A mother is nurturing , caring, and loving to their child.They take care of their child because they birthed them .A child loves their mother because the mother cared for and nurtured them.
This artwork depicts two people who are in love with each other and they can't seem to let each other go.The painting displays two people holding each other.With the gaze in ones eyes and the smile on the other you can tell that they are in loe with each other.The atmosphere in the painting is very warm and loving.the couple is sitting on top of the hill and behind them is red flower.Flowers for centuries have always spoken the language of love .The color red also represents passion, love, romance,etc.The background just gives the painting a warm peaceful loving atmosphere.
The painting is just like the "In love" painting .In the painting there is a man and woman in bed next to each other.The woman is laying down sleep and she looks very peaceful and happy.The man is staring at her while she is sleep.The man seems to be very happy and pleased to be with her.He looks to be in love.
In this painting there is a mixture of colors and shapes put together. I chose this painting to put in my gallery because it reminds me of "Love".This symbolizes love and it creates the mood for it.These colors are very warm and passionate to me.Theses colors stand for passion , tranquility , cheerfulness,romance, etc.
In this painting there are two people being very intimate with each other.They a very close to each other in the painting.When people are in love it is very important that they have intimacy because it makes them close and more comfortable with each other.This painting symbolizes a close bond.
In this artwork there is a girl with her eyes closed with butterflies around her.The colors in this artwork are over saturated so everything looks bright.This painting symbolizes the fear of love.The girl is very fearful of love.You can tell that her heart has been broken and now she fears love.You can see the hurt in her face.Since the artwork is over saturated which makes the colors very strong and bright.I feel lilke the over saturation pertains to her mood and the way she feels.
This artwork relates to the painting "Fear of love".The only difference in this painting is that the girl is expressing her love for someone .The colors are still over saturated .There are words written as follows "I love you" with torn up roses around it.She is also turned around laying down so you only see the back of her head.Her body gesture gives off the impression that she is sad.To me this painting symbolizes a heartbreak.
In this painting "Almost due" there is a pregnant woman.The woman is standing up holding her belly .She is also wearing a necklace that has a heart on it and there is a heart on her bracelate .To me this painting symbolizes maternal bond.This symbolizes the mother loving the child before the child even comes into this world.This goes hand in hand with the mother and child painting.
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