In this gallery, you will find works done in the impressionist style. Even though they are in the same style they differ from each other. You will discover how each artist took this movement differently from the other. All of these pieces have been painted in the same era by some of the most famous artists known for impressionism.  

This painting is a good example of the Impressionist style. The work captures the movement of the new boulevard in Paris during the 1870's. It also shows the use of color the Impressionism, the vibrant, playful colors embrace what it looked like at that exact moment. The brush strokes are light and blended together. The blending of the paint help create the movement of what is actually occuring in the painting.
Vincent van Gogh is different from other impressionist artists because of the use of heavy brush strokes which added emotion and movement to his paintings. He is also known for his use of bold color in his work which made him stand out compared to other artists.
Van Gogh has a very stylized way of painting. He is able to capture light and movement even on an object that is still. He is able to record the fine detail of his beard and of his hat. He took the impressionist style and was able to put it into his self portrait.
Monet has a collection of these different haystack paintings. He is known for painting the same subject matter but he paints each of them very differently. The brush stokes are light but noticable. He uses the monochromatic color scheme in this painting. The use of red, orange and yellow are very dominant, but there are also hints of green, blue and purple to shade the work. This is what makes Monet different from the other painters; he repetition, but he still capture his subjects in the outdoors.
This work is one of Monet's most famous paintings. This piece is different from the first piece. The brush strokes in this painting are not as noticeable as the previous painting. The cool colors are very dominant in this painting and focuses on the reflection on the water.
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