Images that move me - Bailey Charlton

I created the theme "Images That Move Me" because I found a lot of different artworks that I feel something when I look at them, whether it be emotion or movement. This gallery also consists of what I feel are highly detailed and colorful pieces art, since those are the kind that appeal to me the most.

This is a landscape view of Warsaw watching what seems to be a public execution. I like this piece because of the beautiful dark colors and shadows. It makes me feel like it's a sad day for that man.
This piece has angels and the heavens looking down on the viewer. This piece makes me feel inferior and small, having to look up to see the heavens looking down at me. And it's highly detailed.
This piece shows ships coming into the harbor of Japan. The colors in this artwork are great. I feel like they're strong and make the image look smooth and detailed in its own style.
This art piece depicts the aftermath of war and its brutalities. This piece is great in detail and makes me feel the presence of death, seeing the destruction and bodies.
This is the Tower of Babel being built to reach the heavens. I love the amount of detail in this piece, it feels like this could actually be a real representation of the tower.
This is a congregation of people for a wedding meal. The perspective of this piece makes me feel like they're in a grand mansion. The lines are sharp and show much detail in the artwork.
This is a landscape piece of a tree and the environment around it. I like this piece because it makes me feel harmony, plus it reminds me of a painting I made when I was younger.
This is an image of Pompeii being destroyed by the volcano. The dark shadows and colors really bring out the despair of the people, and it gives off a dark feeling. I like that I can feel their doom.
These are ships just sailing in the water heading to a city. The depiction of the environment makes me feel like I'm on an actual boat, swaying back and forth, feeling the wind blow past me.
This image shows a landscape view of a nice mountainous area. I love the amount of detail in this image. I feel like it's a grand place that I would love to explore in a video game or in real life.
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