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Perspective Art  

The Argenteuil Bridge shows perspective art using the boats in the foreground and the trees and house on the land.
This image kind of reminds me of aerial perspective. It really makes it look 3D and bring it to life.
The Trappers' Return represents perspective and makes a 3D image by added the shadows in the water and trees in the background.
Autumn Hillside is another example of perspective art. It overlooks a beautiful green range leading into a forest full of tall and beautiful trees.
The Ice Cone, Montmorency Falls, Quebec utilizes several other groups of people and animals and mountains in the background to show how massive the area is.
This paints a beautiful piece of perspective art focused on winter in Moret. The trees in the background prove the distance to the buildings behind them.
Another find selection for perspective art, Adoration utilizes a field with a woman and her child in the center.
Beach Scene paints a beautiful painting of perspective with horses running on the beach and waves in the background.
The tones and colors are used just right to form this piece of perspective art.
I chose Rue Galande because the artist took a flat image and made the alley look a mile long.
I chose the Ships in the Harbor because I was in the Navy and on a ship for 4 years. You can tell from this flat image how big the harbor is and it houses many ships.
The mountains in the background really bring this piece of perspective art to life. A person sitting on a ferry gazing out over the open water at the snow covered mountains.
Honestly, I picked this form of perspective art because I'm from the Dallas/Fort Worth area, so it hits home for me. It's a great example of linear perspective, I think.
The View of Piazza della Vetra in Milan is a beautiful painting. One image captures the essence, or perspective, of the whole town.
The Universal Exhibition is a true representation of linear perspective. This looks like something an architect would use as his design.
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