Art That Speaks To ME

These works of art drew my attention from the stories they tell or the colors that illuminates them or both. 

Artist Amrita Sher-Gil created the oil painting titled Self Portrait in year 1930. Her style was influenced by European culture. The photo depicts a woman who is smiling because she is happy.
The vase is made of fervid glass, created by the practice of glass blowing. Artist Louis Tiffany is well known in America culture by his father Charles Tiffany being the founder of Tiffany and Company Jewelry.
The mural titled Kobra,Chelsea was created in 2013. It was inspired by a famous painting in 1945 by a photojournalist of a kissing couple. Cobra's recreation expressed his love for art by adding his own unique touches.
Artist Harriet Frishmuth created The Start in 1918. She liked dance very much which inspired her focus of sculpting live, nude figures.
Artist Lilly Spencer was inspired by domestic life. She created the painting titled Still Life With Watermelon, Pears, and Grapes in 1960. She was considered one of America's best painters of genre art.
Paul Klee loves the use of variety of color. In 1932 he created Colors From A Distance. This art piece includes several principles of design including lines and patterns.
Vincent Van Gogh created Starry Night in 1889. The popular painting comes to life for viewers with its many clouds, stars, and moons in the night sky that appears to be in motion, having several principles of art and design.
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