The war between the martians and the humans

 - "But who shall dwell in these worlds if they be inhabited? . . . Are we or they Lords of the World? . . . And how are all things made for man?" ∼ Kepler                                     -Docet: Austin Kobza                                                          - Theme: Order vs. Chaos, Isolation, Fear, Lonliness, Survival, Perseverance, Succcess                                      - Tone: Bewildered                                                              - Setting: Late Nineteenth Century, Enlgand

The reason I chose this image was to capture the debris and destruction left behind in a massacre. In the book, many people die in the attacks and I imagine thier bodies laying around in the field like that. So with all the death and caracassess,this truly captures what the aftermath of an attack would look like. A text to world connection is how ehen the sldiers were killed and thier bodies were not moved but jusyt left there, that is what I imagine the people in my book looked like.
The main thing that really connects the book to this piece is the name. "Massacre of the Innocents" is what seems to happen to the humans.The martians come down from space and go to kill everyone even though we did nothing. Also, more closley in the painting, you can see people franticlally runnng for thier lives. This is what I imagine the people doing in the book, trying to escape either the tripods, the heat-ray or the vapor. All in all, the franticness of the inncoents to survive and flee connects the book and the painting really well. A text to text connection is that the people are trying to flee in the paitning, and in the book, the people try to flee for thier lives and get away from the clutches of the martians.
The comparison in this is easy. In the picture is what people today imagine that the martian's space shsips look like- round objects with a a bunch of gleaming lights. Although H.G. Wells probably had a different vision in his brain, the idea is very similar. So the connection is text to text- as Wells describes their ships as "pods", I would call this a pod. Soi I connect the book to the poainting. Also, I connect the book and the painting to our world becasuse in the book the decsription of spaceships were similar to ours. Also, in the image it seems like that would be a picture instead a description of our idea of a spaceship.
In this picture, it resembles the robot tripods the martians use to get around to. IT seems super futuristic and advanced compared to wbat we have today. In the book ,the technolgy described that the Martians had was much more advanced than what was commonly used around the time period. So in a text to world comparison, it is how the robots and the image are both very advanced robots and technology. Also, in the center of the robot there seems to be a control center, siilar to the one where the martians would sit in and control the robot from the outside.
This bridge reminds me a lot of the ones menitoned in the book, around the time when the narrator dove under the water and the first martian was killed. After some reasearch, I found that the Walton Bridge is actually in England. So this could be the real bridge he used to describe it, anf the connection is a text to world as the bridge in the book is similar to the one in the real world.
The way the people are climbing out of the head reminds me of the way the martians climbed out of the heads of the tripod. It make sme think that the people inside were controlling the person,s head, just like how the martians were controlling the tripods throug hthe heads. Then once both of them were defeated, the martians/ mini people are climbing out of the head and our into the open. It is a text to text connection, from the painting to the book, connecting through the iuse of people being controlled by other creatures inside thier heads.
In this, the people have gathered around a stake. This reminds me of hw people in the book just sttod arounf the pit with the pod in it, which leads to many deaths. It reminds me of this, because if the people just stand around, eventually the fire will burn and kill them. To me, this reminds me of how whenever something bad happens, people always want to document it and stick around because they are curious, which can sometimes be a fatal flaw, as proved in the book.
This resembles my image of the narrator. He is a caveman, who is dishveled and not clean. HE seems to be struggling to survive and these men are not doing super well. So this is how I would picture him. Also, these people seem to be super primitive. The narrator seems to have resorted to collecting food, and jst surving on the bare minimum. They both seem to be living primitive lifestyles.
This is how I imahgine the narrator would walk through the woods. HE usually walks there to be silent and swift, and alsp he is usually alone becuase evryone he meets dies. The land around him seems bare, and the plangts seem to be dead. This is how I picure the frest he travels through ,as the martians have come through and burned/killed it all. Also, it reminds me of how people come and kill tress and the forests die. That is how I imagine the trees he walks through, and it is a text to world connection.
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