Art 110- The illusion of Space and Depth

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This painting by Jose Dominguez Becquer is performing the illusion of depth by using one- point perspective. The vanishing point is a little over onto the left. Bequer is also using Atmospheric Haze by having buildings further back seem more out of focus. There is also some overlapping. The people overlap the buildings implying they are closer.
This painting by Louis Charles Vogt uses the Two-point perspective to show depth of the building. There is also some atmospheric haze. The buildings further away are more out of focus
In this piece by Mhyung Su Ham, there is multipoint perspective showing all the buildings ending at different points.
This piece by Thomas Cole has aerial perspective. The mountains in the background are hazy.
Georges Seurat uses over lapping to give the illusion of depth. There is also a notable size difference from objects in the back and objects in the front.
In this sculpture, there is positive and negative space. The positive space is the apple with the Chanel CC logos. The negative space is the white background.
C. Dorflinger & Sons uses two dimensional in this glass work.
This piece by Keun Myung Koh shows isometric perspective and transparency.
In this piece by Alonso Lopez de Herrera foreshortening is used to show the main part in the paint. In this case, Jesus.
Credits: All media
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