The Relationship between color, tone, and mood.

By Cory Churchwell

The colors in this piece are seem to be analogous with the orange, yellow, green, and blue's. They also seem a little muted and blended to add to the "hazy" affect of the sunrise.
In this pattern used opacity to create movement within the piece. Most of the colors are vibrant, yet less opaque while the red patches are much more pure and stand out.
To give this image a dry or desert-like feel, the artist primarily used warm colors. There is blending of yellow and orange into the blue sky and clouds, creating the effect of a sunset overlay.
The colors used for this piece are very bold. The artist has a good use of relationship between colors by making the background blue to increase the strength of the reds and oranges in the foreground.
I chose this because it had a unique color scheme going on. With the salmon color encompassing the perimeter and the rust color in the center, the surrounding streaks seem both muted and loud.
This piece uses a monochromatic color scheme which was probably best to create depth between all the shapes. I like how there is a clear light source and shadow on each panel.
I chose this piece because it uses color to separate the objects in the foreground and background. Throughout the piece large blocks of one color are used which creates a very simplistic style.
The color used here creates a sense of chaos and panic which directly correlates to the title of the piece. The complimentary use of orange and blue increases the jarring factor immensely.
Again this is a good use of complimentary colors to make certain objects stand out. This also reminded me of the art piece "The Wave" with it's brush stroke and style.
I honestly chose this because I love Australia. Although the colors used in the reflection to resemble the setting sky are gorgeous.
Although this piece sets a peaceful mood, the bronze-like rush color in the background doesn't scream serenity to me. I appreciate the boldness of the plants against the wall regardless.
I chose this piece because it reminded me of Picasso's "blue" piece with the sad guitarist. The monochromatic color scheme provide a sense of loneliness and isolation.
This piece has very intense colors throughout the scene. The floor is as vibrant as the clothes draped over the people. My eye moves around the entire piece as my focus is diverted.
This use of color is really powerful. The intensity and amount of color used throughout the piece draws in your focus and feels the enormity of the explosion.
Credits: All media
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