Views of The art


I chose this piece because it has a ground perspective view possibly from the man looking up at the woman that is overpowering him.
This shows a first person perspective on how it would have looked as if you were standing right there. It also if you look past the arch you can see that it continues giving it depth of field.
Similar to the first artwork a ground perspective view but instead of the man looking into sky it is the woman looking at the angels in the clouds trying to reach out.
This perspective is as if your looking out the window into the beautiful canal.
This painting is more dark but in the angle it is in it gives the viewer the perspective of the army thats coming ashore rushing into battle.
I picked this one because of the architecture perspective making it look continuous. Also because the people are down below it gives you a god like perspective.
I chose this one because its simple perspective as if you were walking in between these houses into the village.
A perspective view of going through the trail up to the mountains.
This is a straight up perspective view of a beautiful ceiling painting.
I really like this piece because of the old walkway and buildings. Also a great perspective down the walkway leading to more.
Another architecture perspective view down the canal leading the eye to focus down the canal showing that it bends around the buildings.
Street perspective view looking out towards the town. Also looking at the architecture of the buildings.
Street view perspective of walking on the sidewalk admiring the architecture of the town that goes on into the distance.
The arches of the gate give a great perspective and illusion of depth. Also leads the viewers to go through the gate.
Again the arches give great perspective and depth giving the ceiling the illusion of being really high thus giving force perspective to the viewers to feel as if they are there.
Credits: All media
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