Art In Perspective

I chose this piece because it's a perfect example of perspective. When you look at the painting the objects closer appear bigger and the mountains in the back seem to be off to a distance.
Upon reviewing this painting it gave me the feeling of standing on top of a hill looking down on town covered with snow. I almost get the feeling I can see the back edges of the town in perspective.
I chose this painting specifically because of the way the sun is just off in the background barely visible as if the be setting on the shore line.
This painting uses line techniques to give you that perspective that your eyes are looking at a builiding that is very long from a fixed position. The lines of the structure of the building all meet up at certain point in the middle of the painting
This piece was chosen because it gave me a feeling that the sky was endless almost realistic in a sense. I felt as if I were at the bottom of this hill looking up at the house and the grey clouds rolling in.
You can see perspective being used in this painting when you look at the buildings in the background and each seems to be moving further away from the eye.
I like this piece especially because no only did i t use perspective but the fuzzy look of the mountain in the background seems to be disappearing in the background.
This reminded me and made me feel of a foggy day on a bridge.The fog would blur your vision making it hard to see objects in the distance. It almost looks as if there's a lighthouse in the ocean off to the distance
The structure of the room in the painting gives you the feeling that it is an enormous building and your standing in the front of the room looking towards the back of the room.
I almost felt as if I was walking into a courtyard. The door in the back of the painting give you the feel in they lead to another courtyard or building.
I chose this painting specifically for the window on the wall because it gave me the impression that not only was it in the back of the room but the wall was indented & the window itself was further than the actual wall.
I like this & chose this piece because of how the artist portrayed the next room . You can see a small open wndow with sunlight chiming in & the shadow of the window of the floor is perfect example of perspective.
A beautiful piece of long rolling mountains . I especially loved the rainbow in the back .
The background of this painting give you the feeling this lady is sitting on cliff with mountains and dirt roads behind and below her.
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