Battles On a canvas - Marie adams

Artists have been around for a very long time, but the war artists that cropped up during World War II were something more special than the usual. This gallery will showcase a select few war artists' work, to get a glimpse of the past, and their experiences through paintings and drawings they created while they served the military. Collectively, these works were made on and off the battlefield in many different places around the world. 

Dull and light to medium colors dominate this painting, and the use of curved lines for the figures within the scene unify the scene together. In the setting of the picture, it appears that troops are preparing to make an attack on the city of Le Hamel after arriving at Normandy.
In this painting, the subject is an Eritrean man who became the sergeant of a police force put together by the Italians due to the British invading Ethiopia. His clothing is far more saturated than the rest of his figure and the background as well. His outfit also uses simple forms and shapes for a bold and simple design.
A barn in the middle of winter is the subject of this painting. Junk covers a part of the ground as well as a broken tree stump. Children are a distance away from the barn, through the use of perspective, they appear much further away from the focus of this work: the barn.
In this painting, the scene, facial expression, and the motion of the man's body gives the painting a feeling of intensity and distress. The tornado in the distance behind him as well as his body in an unique post with his hair at an angle, it's easy to see the movement in this work of art.
In this painting, a red bull is hiding behind a plant, and a little girl is trying to reach houses in a distance or appear to be higher up than her. The young girl is floating, trying to reach the house. Dull tints of red, brown, and blue-green makes up the color scheme for this art.
A squad of men arrive at Milne Bay and stand amongst crates, and make plans. The use of colors put the painting into a tropical and bright environment, but the sky is filled with gray clouds, whether that comes from the war or simply bad weather.
In this painting, a family that appears to be living in a dusty and desert in Australia. The proportions of the mother and father are exaggerated and scaled up in comparison to their children in the photo. The faces for each individual all look the same, and forms of the photo appear curvy and organic. The clouds close to the viewer help achieve an effect of depth to the viewer’s eye.
This is Labuan amidst the process of being taken over by Allied powers. It appears that some structures were broken down within that process. Everything in the painting has an organic shape with the use of whites, browns, and reds that make up the painting’s color scheme. A man stands out front of the buildings within town , looking out at the damaged buildings.
Joan Whipp is the cook in the portrait. Joan served food to servicewomen in the military. The use of colors around the painting give a grimy look at texture to the kitchen and Joan. The back walls also achieve a successful grimy appearance. Arms crossed with a slight smirk shows her independence when it comes to her job.
This artwork has a small figure with a purple body and white arms. Vibrant colors and organic shapes fill the space within the painting. The facial expression on the figure is negative. The use of all the bright colors unify with the environment. A little shack lies near the forest.
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