As art progressed through time, its patterns and depth became more complex. People gradually learned how build more compelling textures and illusions as art surged forward, even creating genres that relied on them, such as Impressionism, Abstract, and Surreal. While they may seem like clutters of colors or simply an artist's style, there often is another layer of depth beneath the surface, potentially creating another meaning where it couldn't be gleaned before.

This image depicts several wooden sculptures from the Afro Brasil Museum. These pieces show strong patterns and movement, which perhaps held symbolism for those who made them.
This image seems meant to imply a feeling of love due to its title, depicting flowers in front of a window. The patterns and texture are pleasant to look at, and the blue sky beyond the window feels safe.
This is an abstract painting, titled after the style of art, depicting a slew of lines and crosses that form many triangles of different colors. Since the title is as vague as the painting, perhaps the point was to appear pointless, leaving a meaning only for the artist himself.
This is another abstract painting titled after its own genre. Its texture is rich, and its patterns are solid and distinct. It seems to be a forest, or natural foliage in front of a mountain, but its meaning is unsure.
This is an abstract work of graffiti, another piece without a real title. It has interesting patterns that seem to vaguely resemble letters in different ways, and also reflects the city implied in the background; its fiery colors could be trying to convey an idea of the dying or vibrant city where the artist lives.
This work of art is an abstract piece resembling some jars and fruit on a countertop. Its patterns are interesting because they aren't immediately recognizable, but seem to be similar to patterns found on steel, despite its texture reflecting wood.
The lack of title in some of these pieces is interesting; by not giving the work a discernible name, it leaves its meaning to lie deeper with its viewer. It is uncertain what this image is supposed to be, but its pattern elicits a sense of anxiety, despite being so vibrant.
This abstract work is meant to resemble a daydream; its lines and squiggles drift off and lighten in the fog of infinity and imagination. The pattern gives consistence and understanding to what the title depicts, and the overplayed texture of wood could perhaps be the surface one has laid their head on to begin the daydream.
This piece of art is a simple repeated texture, with "YOU ARE MY ANGEL" lightly placed in the spaces of the middle. It seems that the artist had a special someone who was intended to see it, and its repeating texture may imply insistence.
This work of art doesn't have an immediate idea of what it presents, but after observing it slight resembles a set of newspaper clippings. Between the natural sun and some wings, and the industrial rails and gears on the bottom, perhaps this "Bicentennial Print" is comparing the past to now, and showing how much nature has changed into the industry of man.
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