abstract u.s. - Brandon walden

This gallery has abstract pieces from 1920's to 2015 with both darker and lighter color palettes. 

Kaleidoscope is truly an abstract piece. This is a normally just reflections of light. Pictures like these are the only representations besides the correct refractions of light.
The setting of this piece is of normally items put together so form an abstract image. From the clock to the people everything is recognizable but nowhere near a normal way.
This representation is brightly colored so bright intact it almost doesn't look like what it is trying to portray. Though you can easily see the beach and the field in the image.
This more darkly lit piece is meant to signify growth. It almost seems like it is growing and alive but also seems like a building.
This piece is more abstract on feeling. Since we don't know what she is laughing at. Most things we laugh at and smile with are shown or said before we feel those ways.
This brightly lit sculpture represents a firework show. We as an audience without a doubt see that in this piece.
This brightly colored piece is pleasantly colored. The woman brings a certain comfort from the pose making you feel relaxed and the colors not being stressful to look at.
Street art is the flashiest of abstract art nowadays. The bright colors catch your instantly and this doesn't clearly show anything but like what modern abstract art does makes you do which is feel.
Another modern abstract street art piece. The brightly done shapes with its sharp edges. It does feel darker then the last piece but the lighting does make it inviting.
The most current piece on this list brings the most current feel of art. Almost every artist makes something everyday making art seem less important but doesn't make your opinion of the piece.
Credits: All media
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