The Gods Of Color By Brittany Williams 

This art gallery includes a wide variety of  pictures and art forms of how artists of the past viewed the gods. Mythology was highly looked upon by the Greeks and artist such as Antonio Del Pollaiuolo, Botticelli, and more. This gallery will show how people portrayed the mythological gods and how the colors the artist used showed their power and authority. 

Tor is battling his enemies. He is wearing red, and red symbolizes rage, violence, and brutality. Also, we see a lot of yellow especially above him, which gives him that god- like glow. The reason why I chose this piece of art because it expresses how the colors are used to symbolize the story.
Even though there is no color with this sculpture, we can still see the grace and beauty of the goddess Diana. We see her clothes are flowy and she is a strong warrior which could be why one foot is ahead of the other. The reason why I chose this sculpture is because, you really don't need color to see the beauty of art. If the art shows enough emotions then the creator has done a good job expressing his feelings.
This portrait is darker than the others, but we can still see the colors that are represented. We have greens and yellows and reds. Yellow means happiness and even luminosity, spirituality, and enlightenment. Green is normally used for harmony and balance. Which is fitting for this particular picture. The reason why I chose this piece of art is because, I like the feeling of it. All the gods are together in harmony, it's like we are getting a glimpse of what it's like on mount Olympus.
This portrait has a few colors. We have red, blue, and silver. Mars is the god of war, which is why he would wear bright colors. But in the background we see a capital and people which could signify that his is at war with another city. Also, we see a sort of spotlight on Mars which would make him the center of attention in this piece. The reason why I chose this picture is because, it shows how the gods were heavily relied on back in the day. They had a god for everything, Also, it's interesting to see Mars in a human form. Normally they are up in the clouds, but this picture captured the true nature as if he was human.
The Harp of Eden is a Swedish Mythology. She is wearing white and green. White means purity while green means harmony, balance, and peace. In the distance, we see dark clouds coming, but on the girl we have a ray of light on her. She could be the goddess of the sea, since she is in the water on a rock. The reason why I chose this picture is because the colors. The colors caught my eyes, especially the white dress. And the "spotlight" that's on her it makes her look innocent.
We have a lot of light colors in the picture. We have light pink, light blue and white. In this picture, we can see the cherubs bringing Venus a crown of flowers, Venus is the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. Which is why they painted her with pastel colors. They wanted to express her beauty through light colors. I chose this picture because, of the colors in the sky. It reminds me of a baby's room. Or if a rich family back in that time would of had this painted on their ceiling in the ballroom. The picture is elegant, just like Venus.
We have Mars again, he is still wearing red and blue. The only difference in this painting is that we have red throughout the whole painting instead of just his garments. But now we also have yellow and green, but the green is only on one cherub, and he is leading the wolf pack that is pulling Mars. I chose this painting because Mars is depicted as a lot of things. The last picture he looked more humanly and this one he looks more god-like. It's cool to see what artist thinks about the same subject and see them interpret it in their own way.
This clay vase was made back in the greek times. Normally, if there is a figure on the vase, especially ones with gods on them, it was used for wine or water. or maybe even for parties. The colors for this vase is very interesting. Since they didn't have a lot of colors they used what was around. I really like the color pattern for this piece, its simple and subtle.
In this portrait, we have a lot of colors. But they are all pastel colors, the reason for this is because its a time for celebration. David has just killed the giant and everyone is happy. We see yellows, green, blues, and whites. Also the spotlight on this picture is right where David is walking with Goliath's head. I chose this picture because of the light and the sun. This whole portrait is amazing, we have the main focus, which is David, then we have the perspective aspect which is the people in the background. Also, we have a wide variety of colors, which gives the portrait a sense of pop.
Venus has been depicted in a lot of portraits. This one she is wearing red, red in this case can mean confident, powerful, passionate, and attention-getting. Then we have the yellow crown the Cherub is about to put on her head. Yellows mean enlightenment and wisdom. this portrait looks like she is getting ready for the days journey ahead. I chose this portrait because Venus looks elegant. The way she is sitting, how the cherubs are taking care of her. The artist intended for her to look like royalty and he made sure he got his point across.
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