Art has the tendency to take us on adventures by using movement to expand our imagination and be swept away to a subconscious state. Doing so gives us a different perspective on life through the artist's experience and eyes.  Movement in art draws you into feeling the painting/sculpture/etc, and having this still-object tell you a story.  

This painting is about proverbs and different idioms. There is 112 that are identifiable in this scene. I chose this painting because there is so much movement and motion in it. You can see that all the people in the image are doing something different and they aren't just standing still. For example of good movement, look at the building that's smoking, it actually feels like the building is on fire.
Temptation starts with your thoughts. Thoughts aren't always clean. This image has great movement, because it captures the objects doing things. When you look at this image, you can see the entire scene played out. It seems like what he is saying (things coming out of his mouth) and his thoughts (things coming out of his head) are different. Meaning his thoughts and words are different.
I love this photo, I would hang this in my house. When reading the story about this image, it makes me want it in my house even more. It is a story about a son being loyal and honest to his father. I chose this painting because there is a lot of movement going on in the story. You start to wonder why there is some guy holding a curtain and behind it you start to think and create your own story through the movement of the tree and two gentlemen arguing for the hatchet.
This is Chinese contemporary art. There are so many different definitions for this art that they don't have a main reason behind it. I chose to us this art because it makes me smile. I see movement in the bodies and personality from each figure in the painting. They are all laughing and posing differently looking as if they are moving in the image.
Vincent Van Gogn painted this piece of art while looking through a window long time before sunrise where he saw the morning star and the country side. I chose to use this painting because of the paint strokes that he decided to use. This shows a perfect visual of movement. Every stroke is exactly where it needs to be and in the right direction in order to make this painting perfect.
Harvesting of apples were important back in the day as they needed to use for food or to sale to other people in order to make money or something with value. I chose this painting because their is movement in the strokes as well as the characters. The women picking up the apples and the guy picking them. Thy are working together as a team.
This is a mosaic which takes a lot more work and time to create. I find this very impressive. This is a very emotional, passionate, and dramatic piece of art. The male centaur is throwing a rock at the beast that is slaying his mate. The female looks dead while the beast (tiger) is over her with his claws portraying her skin. There is a lot of movement going on in this mosaic. The male centaur is on two legs in motion to attack back at the beast as there are others in the background. So much going on. I love it.
This is a very nice landscape painting of the mountains and rainbows. I chose to use this painting because, while looking at the painting your eyes start to wonder from front to back or vice versa. You start to see the movement of the trees and the rain deep in the valley thats creating the rainbow. Then you start to follow the dirt roads to see where they may need up. Then you start to think about being in the artist's shoes and think what you would do if you were there.
This painting is about war. I usually do not like paintings about war because there is killing and truth from the past shown but I chose this painting because of the amount of movement being in this piece of art. People running away and the water plashing and the boat in movement. Everything in the painting is moving and it is so detailed.
Any painting to do with the ocean is amazing because I know how hard it is to make the shading in the water perfect to make it seem like the water is moving. Water is never still and when you paint it correctly you can catch the movement and make the painting look real. With the smoke and the clouds it is as if you are watching a clip of the scene happening in a still picture.
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