Tea's eygpt project

its known for a shield for when they have war aganist others their own kind.
this is a mummy case that they put the mummy's in and bury them very deep in the ground.
this is a found hand item and its holding a scroll or a map I think its petty cool .
he looks like hes more on the richer side than the farmer and labor side like he has more than them.
this toilet looks like it belongs to the rich side because it looks like something the farmers wouldn't afford so the farmers would have to use the bathroom on the ground or in the lake so the rich win
this is something the rich would have they have money and the broke people wouldn't plus its gold so they wouldn't be able to afford it the rich win again.
and the good hand writing I cant read so this is a writing of what they would say to tell everybody what the message is for the whole day
this is a wall art and its very detailed with the people in the wall art and where the art is located.
this made me think of the recent's of the ancient Egypt .
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