The theme I have chosen is the beach and ocean. This theme includes various photos of oceans and beaches that show different types of colours and moods. I have chosen this theme because I enjoy going to the beach & admiring the beautiful sight in front of me, I also like to take photos of the beach. I have chosen ‘Beach in Dorset’, ‘Mid Ocean’ and ‘Shadows of the ocean’. They are all amazing artworks/photographs that show features of the beach. ‘Beach in Dorset’ shows an actual photograph of a breath taking beach set in Dorset, they show shades of blue standing out on this sunny day shot in the photograph and the surroundings around it. ‘Mid Ocean’ is a painting of big waves that look like it's in the middle of the ocean, it shows beautiful tones of blue for the water/oceans & grey for the dull sky. Another artwork I have chosen is ‘Shadows of the ocean’, this artwork uses shades of blue and purple. This artwork shows a view from on top of a cliff looking out onto the ocean and another island in the background. My sponsor’s for my art gallery is Cronulla beach club house and Northbrook Natural Australian Spring Water, I would like to say a massive thank you to both of them for sponsoring my gallery.

This shows the Cultural Frame.
The Subjective Frame is shown in this art.
This shows the Postmodern Frame.
This artwork shows the Structural Frame.
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