The Ultimate key-LaUREN crisp

This gallery represents different variations of love.  This gallery will demonstrate the different aspects of love including, but limited to friendship, relationship, heartache, and family with color.  This gallery will also demonstrate different types of art from modern to ancient. 

This photo demonstrates the love that this couple share. the way he grabs her waist shows that not only are they sharing an intimate moment, but the affection he has for her. Also the colors that were chosen for this are dull and dark, but represents this particular setting and represents the couple.
The colors in this present a warm and caring photo. The dark gloomy sky shows it just finished raining and a rainbow has appeared. Although the little girl is unable to see due to blindness she is still appreciates the love of the outdoors.
This photo represents the love this young woman has for her fiancé. The colors represent a very relaxed environment. By looking at the young woman's eyes you can tell she is adoring her soon to be husband and also her environment is keeping her mood in a cheerful state of mind.
The pink dress in the picture is represents innocence in this case. Here you have a young girl who has love for her pet monkey and has the face of innocent child.
This picture represents friendship the love and laughter they share. The picture is color themed so possibly this maybe a bridal party and are sharing good times
In this picture they are waiting on the bride. This picture shows the love they have for her and wanting to celebrate an important moment for her. The colors are dull, but displays the picture is old, but loving.
This sculpture was made of a brown clay. This sculpture displays the love this woman has for her significant other. The heartache she feels she is about to feel by the loss of a loved one.
This portrait displays the loss of a loved one that a mother has for her child. The colors are bright the blue sky lets the view know they are outside and waiting for a miracle.
This picture represents family love. The way these people spending quality time shows they have a real care for one another. The colors are all different in this case i think they represent something that is personal to each person ex the lady in the orange shows the viewer that it is fall.
The white in the babies bonito and outfit displays innocence. Also the babies hand on his moms face shows the love and adoration he or she has for mom.
Credits: All media
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