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Horus was the god of the sky and one of his forms was in the form of a falcon.
The Goddess Sakhmet was a war type goddess of upper Egypt. The Egyptians thought that Sakhmet's breath created the desert.
The Egyptians used cups to drink water,beer or wine.
Ba was one of the five pieces of the soul. Along with Ren,the Ka, the Sheut and the Lb. Ba represented personality.
The Sphinx was a creature the the head of human and the body of lion.
The Signet ring is a golden ring owned by a priest in the temple of Isis in Giza.
A Vessel is a vase or a jar containing liquid or oils.
Djed-pillar Amulet is one of the amulets that people would wrap with mummies.
A type of bird with long skinny leggs
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