Frida kahlo

art work of frida kahlo

This is a piece of art by Frida Kahol. the reason I put this picture is because this is a self-portrait she painted. So we now know what she looks like.
This piece is of Kahol's father.I used this piece so that we can see what her father looked like as well.
I used this piece because it shows her wanting her mother's attention. She wanted to be close to people. This painting of Dona Rosita Morillo shows that.
"Not the least hope remains to me...Everything moves in time with what the belly dictates..." Kahol wrote this on the back of her painting. It means that she needed to eat because she was getting very thin. I think all girls need to think this way.
This another self-portrait of Kahlo with her favorite animal. I chose this because while monkeys might not be my favorite, I like them as well.
This is an unfinished piece of Kahlo's family. She was very close to her family. This painting shows that.
This is a painting of one of Kahlo's servants children. She was very fond of him. I think it is sweet how she was so fond of him and painting a picture of him after his death.
This was painted by Kahlo after she had her accident. The corset represents all of her surgeries. I think this represents her being strong after her accident.
This is a portrait of Luther Burbank. Kohlo was impressed with is research. I am also impressed with him and that is why I chose this painting.
This is known as Kahlo's last painting. This is supposed to represent her life and I think it also can be used in my life. *Viva la vida- "Live The Life"
Credits: All media
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