This theme represents some of the Roman Catholic paintings during the 1700s into the early 1800s. It depicts some of the saints, the church's, and Jesus. Lots of kings and deities had Catholic Paintings made for the local churches and for the royalties homes. Rome was very big on religious artwork.

This ancient Rome based painting depicts what the Roman lifestyle was like at the time. They painted on their walls and ceilings trying t make it look like how they imagined heaven was. This is connected to my topic because it is based around and painted for Roman Catholicism. You can see small angel statues in the corners of the ceilings and the artist interpretation of heaven.
This painting is similar to the last because it is surrounded by angels and saints and depicts what heaven would look like. You can see some saints and what looks to be Mary sitting in the clouds with angels. This is directly related to my Roman Catholic theme.
This is an image of the city of Rome in the 1700s. Its connected to my theme because the religion in Rome was basically what built the city and the government. Some rulers forced the whole city to be Catholic and did it in very violent ways.
This is a painting of the shepherds after they arrived the night that Jesus was born. You can see Mary and them all looking at baby Jesus in awe. Jesus is glowing and is emphasized to be the main focus of this piece. My theme is roman catholic paintings and this is hand and hand with that.
You can see in this painting that the saint is battling the demonic creature in the bottom left hand corner for the boy. The boy looks scared and confused and the angel and the devil look like they are going at it. Its a very powerful, religious piece.
This piece shows a priest taking the body of christ and seems to be worshipping him in the front. There looks to be a few other priests and a pope standing next to him and watching. They seem to be in the Vatican located in Rome which is my them.
This is Mary Magdalene at Jesus's tomb grieving. She looks very upset and sad and seems to not want to leave Jesus's side. The skies look dark and dreary as she cries in sorrow after Jesus has passed. This is just another addition to my Roman Catholic art theme.
You can see in this painting that Mary is passing baby Jesus to another women as a man watches. There is also another young child sitting on the ground next to Mary on top of a baby sheep. The man seems to be very concerned about baby Jesus.
This shows mother Mary holding baby Jesus in heaven in the clouds with tons of angel babies surrounding her and under her. You can tell she is in heaven in the skies and she looks happy to be with her son again.
This shows in my opinion, St. Francis healing a very sickly man who looks pale and just about dead lying on the ground. All the towns people seem to be surrounding and hoping he will be saved. You can also see angels in the sky on the clouds, watching as this miracle happens.
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