lines in art

This gallery includes examples of 10 different pieces of art incorporating lines. 

In this piece, the lines form the trees and their branches. Depending on where they are placed in the piece, they serve as either the foreground, or middle ground.
The lines in this picture are used to form the main picture plus its shadow. It consists of mainly vertical and horizontal lines and the picture is given lighting due to the shade of the shadow
In this artwork, the lines are used to form the silhouettes of people. The thicker lines draw the viewers eyes and the blank spaces are implied lines.
In this piece, the lines are mainly in the trees, adding a foreground and middle ground to the picture depending on how large they are.
In this piece, the lines are both thick and thin and appear to have depth due to the hatching and cross hatching. The viewers eyes are drawn to the thicker and darker lines
In this artwork, the lines overlap and repeat to form patterns, appearing to have texture or to form another picture. The hatching and cross hatching gives the piece depth.
In this piece, the lines are scattered and crossing over each other, giving it a sense of hecticness or confusion. The colors draw the viewer eyes to the darker lines, as do the thickness of each line
In this piece, the lines are different colors, camouflaging themselves into a more complex picture. It is very abstract and all the lines are the same width & length apart.
The lines in this artwork are mainly horizontal or vertical. Due to the amount of lines and their scattered directions, the viewer may get a sense of stress or confusion.
This artwork includes both thick and thin lines scattered throughout the piece. The foreground of the art are the thicker ink lines that are mainly vertical and lead your eyes to other lines.
Credits: All media
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