War with Propaganda

My art gallery is based off the concept of war propaganda used during world war two. My gallery focuses on the two main concepts of the propaganda. The first is the feeling of being obliged to help the war effort by showing happiness of soldiers and of the United States citizens that aid and the second is feeling obliged to help the war effort due to the fear of the unknown that comes with war. 

This artwork shows the happiness in a soldiers eyes and his smile. The explanation for his nice expression is spoken through the words on the poster. It asks people to cut back on what they use in order to allow the U.S. troops to have more. The depiction of the soldier makes one feel obliged to help the cause. The reason it does this is because the man looks to be a normal happy American man. People could easily see someone they know from this poster and feel the need to assist the war effort.
This poster portrays three different branches of the military. Each branch is represented with a soldiers face smiling and a face that shows hope. The poster brings a happy feel and the bright red letters bring exclamation. From the piece it can be assumed that to keep the soldiers happy, one must buy war stamps. This is such a small task and it appears to bring a lot of joy to the soldiers, so this piece is a very effective work of propaganda.
This poster portrays the same concept as the previous two, yet it focuses more on normal students doing their part. Each student is bringing their own contribution to the war effort. The front girl has a war bond in her hand. The middle boy has many metal objects that could be melted down. Lastly, the left girl has a model airplane and a pilots cap to show her support. All of the students portrayed in this art work are very happy and eager to help the war effort. This poster is very successful in its goal because it shows students helping, so why can't the normal adult help? The students depicted are well dressed and attractive. These factors could convince other students to want to be like them.
This piece of art depicts a friendly farmer couple doing their part to aid the United States troop fighting in war. The main expression I get from both of their staring faces is hope. Their eyes seem to be staring into the distance waiting for something or maybe someone to come (home). This poster shows how even farmers are able to do their part in aiding the war effort. The face of the women stands out most to me. Her face is very beautiful and shows women strength, because she is working hard on a farm, normally a mans job.
This is the first air piece in my gallery that takes a different approach to propaganda. Sloan shows a wounded soldier on a battle torn field. The background is very dark and has debris, dead trees, and bushes. The stern expression and bandage across the soldier’s forehead portray a serious emotion. The white lettering at the top sticks on the dark back drop and asks a question that deepens the posters expression. Fear can be brought to people who view this art work. They want to know how they can help to save men like this.
This piece of art brings strong emotions to its viewers, especially the emotion of fear. The viewer is able to see what is actually happening to the soldiers in war. They are also able to get a picture of what could happen to them if they don't "care". This piece of propaganda is very successful with getting its message across. Treidler does a job with matching the blood with the dirt on the wall in the background. Also the depressing look on the soldiers face brings out even more feelings negatively towards the war. Treidler also shows the pain the soldier is facing by having multiple wounds on him, both his leg and his hand.
This is my favorite piece in my gallery. Smith does a fantastic job putting fear into the hearts of any viewer of this piece when it was first created. The three children make the viewer automatically afraid of what could happen to them. The American Flag in the girls hand makes the children patriotic, which makes most Americans become even more emotional. Smith makes fear appear by both the swastika on the ground and the expressions on two of the children's faces. They are looking into the distance as if something dangerous is coming. There is a sense of fear on their faces. This piece of propaganda makes it feel like the far is coming to home, which inspires more to fight or help the war effort in anyway they can.
This piece of art definitely drives fear into the hearts of the viewers at the time. This piece makes people feel uneasy because it shows and evil Japanese and Nazi soldier next to fire, which people could easily interpret as America being attacked. The Nazi soldier seems to be Hitler, while the Japanese soldiers seems to be Hirohito. The face of Hirohito is very detailed and has some distinct characteristics. He has a evil laugh expression on his face. Hitler on the other hand has wide open eyes, which look terrifying, especially if he was the most feared man alive when this was painted. The main message of this poster might be to stop forest fires, but it also is successful in putting fear in the viewer making it a successful piece of propaganda.
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