Common roots

My pieces I chose introduce ideas that signify how all people are built from the same basic agricultural ideas and that we have all originated from the same primal roots of harvesting and farming. Each piece of work illustrates a different aspect of people coming together despite their differences due to our common similarities through agriculture. I tried to set up my gallery to order the pieces of work from the most basic common roots to the more abstract ideas that comprise my theme. Although all the pieces are from different collections and artists, I think they can all be interpreted in order to signify everyone's common roots within nature in general. 

In my opinion, trees are symbolic of life and the growth of mankind. The tree's trunk embodies how humans all have similar things in common. Additionally, the hands and grounded within the soil of the ground rather facing the sky and reaching forwards. My interpretation is that the painting is focusing on digging back to our roots and discovering how although we may look different, we are all the same. Lastly, the hands appear to planting something, further implying that our roots are found within harvesting.
This mural utilizes bright and contrasting colors, embodying the hope and happy tone that I wished to capture within this gallery. Additionally, the characters are many different skin tones and shapes, signifying the theme that everyone has similarities despite our differences. The natural aspect of the mural with the animals, trees, and grasses all bring humans back to our primal roots. Overall, the painting displays how the complexities between people such as skin tone and geographic location have no affect on our ability to go back to our primal roots and come together as a whole. Lastly, most of the characters in the mural are centered around nature, further signifying that all humans are connected through agriculture.
My favorite part of this piece, and the reason I chose to include it in my gallery, is that the artwork is done through weaving and sewing. By sewing different country's maps together, the theme that we are all "held together through common thread" is signified. Additionally, the maps almost blend together as they all consist of bright colors and small patterns. The similarities between countries are shown through the similarities and blending of flags, signifying the bringing together and inclusion of different races as well as people from different geographic locations. I believe that this shows our connection through agriculture as the pieces that are brought together through flags are simply pieces of land, signifying how we are all connected through the land.
Similarily to the third piece of artwork in this collection, this piece represents inclusion through bright colors and different colors within pieces of each character. Contrastingly to the other piece, this mural is revolved around the growing of crops. The title "Grown Together" embodies the theme that all different people rely on crops and nature in order to live, signifying similiarities between human beings. Additionally, this mural furthers the theme of inclusion by having every person working on the same crop that is growing from the same location. This imagery suggests that all humans have come from the same roots although we are separated geographically. All over the world, people harvest crops.
The last piece, "Flower Face" was the most intriguing to me as it is the only 3D object. Although it may use a different medium to achieve the theme of common roots, the piece does this through breaking down what it means to be human. The head of the man is not broken down into bones, instead it is shown to capsulate flowers. In my opinion, flowers symbolize agriculture and harvesting as I commonly associate flowers with berries and fruit. In this case, the piece represents how every human is built of the same basic ideas of flowers or nature in general. Additionally, the sculpture also does not restrict the head to be considered male, female, old, or young. This also further embodies the theme of inclusion as every person is represented within the idea that we are all built from agricultural roots.
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