Anthropomorphized Beings

This gallery includes paintings and sculpture of Roman Gods and Goddesses. In this Gallery, you will see the movements in the paintings or sculpture as well as other formal elements and principles. These paintings and sculpture are all beautiful in their own way. 

In this painting, you can see the proportion used behind them. The mountain is a far distance away which shows depth. Apollo is holding a bow and arrow that shows movement as well as a focal point. Him holding the bow and arrow makes you wonder is he showing off or is there something behind her.
The Apollo Statue is amazing! The artist uses movement as well as focus. The movement is of his hand and posture which makes him seem proper and well spoken. The other is the focus on his hand. Why is his hand out? It could be because he is the God of healing. His hand could be out to help someone.
Mercury is the God of merchandise and merchants. In this painting, it shows focus and texture. Not much movement going on here, though. The artist makes you focus on what he is standing under and what he is looking at. The texture gives you the illusion of visual depth. The depth of what he is standing in and also his height. You know he is not small because of where his head is.
Mars was the Roman God of War. The Statue shows us texture and movement. The texture part is his muscles and body. The roughness of him and how touch he was. The movement portion makes the viewers eyes taking you up and down the statue. The artist wants you to see every aspect of Mars.
Jupiter was a Roman God of heaven and the sky. The artist shows focus and texture. The focus is on his lighting bolt. You can see the way he is standing with his chest out. The texture is his muscular chest and how defined he is which makes him seem powerful.
Minerva in the Roman Goddess of wisdom, medicine, poetry, commerce, weaving, crafts and magic. She is the daughter of Jupiter and Metis. In this painting, the artist shows color. Not much movement here. The color shows her mood. Minerva seems to be peaceful and in a thought of what is going to happen.
Venus was the Roman goddess of love, sex, beauty and fertility. In this painting, you can see the movement of the clouds in the background. The artist also makes us focus on Venus and Adonis. The way Venus is holding onto Adonis to stay with her. Well, she is the goddess of love and sex.
Ceres was the goddess of agriculture, grain crops, fertility and motherly relationships, The painting shows proportions by showing us a town in the background and a church in the background on the right. Which shows depth and that they are far from people. The main focus is Cere with everyone giving her vegetables. That would show her motherly love as well as her being the goddess of crops.
Juno was the Goddess of marriage, pregnancy and childbirth. The artist in this statue shows us movement. The movement of her body as she shows Paris her features. The artist wanted you to capture the beauty she had and how she is holding her dress for people to gawk and stare.
Neptune was the God of sea and earthquakes, Poseidon. In this statue, you can see the emphasis as well as the movement. The emphasis would be his upper body strength. He is a strong and powerful god. Neptunes movement makes it seem he is going to strike with his trident. Also, his robe shows you the illusion of him moving and it following around with him.
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