Stone age 

all prehistoric art and amazing paintings

This picture is really cool how they drew it and made it look relaistic. I like how they drew it with good detail.
I like how the tools they used were made by themselves and with material they had and how good they wouldve been to get food.
In my opinon this would be like their transportation back in the stone age or a way of getting food.
I like the color and texture of this material or tool how its made and also one of the good tools they had.
this is a photo of some of the tools they had back then and how they were made and all in different shapes and the way they are pointed.
I like how the colors are blended well and how the drawing looks so good with the colors mixed.
In my opinon this would be a drawing where the people are having a battle or fighting a group of people or hunting food.
A view of how their houses were and how they lived with all the materials they had and how their daily lives were.
I like how the tomb or structure is built with the image made inside of it and how it was so detailed and well done.
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