Abstract Composition with shapes and color

Some composition that attracted my eyes such as color and placement of these abstract pieces. These pieces contains basic yet complex compositions  such as: color, lines,value and tone, values and texture. 

I really enjoyed the color of this piece. the composition has values which give life to it.
This painting in my opinion is a type of reflection which these colors blend very well.
I chose this piece because it has a simple yet very abstract com[position.
This composition has a variety of changes and different colors that represent something.
I really enjoy the details behind this composition. Also it is a bit different being that the table is not place properly on the ground.
This abstract piece did a great job making the three woman into different shapes and sizes.
This composition has depth and each color has different volume giving the composition perspective.
This abstract piece has great realistic pieces and also good perspective.
this composition has depth and great shadows which give it that feeling of space.
I enjoy this composition because it is simple and has a few points of interest. it is easy on the eyes.
This composition is asymmetrical and has good volume with the different colors.
i like this composition because they made the archer into an abstract figure.
I really find it interesting how in the different objects they have multiple colors making the into different shapes and sizes.
This compositions has different texture making it stick out.
Credits: All media
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