Drawing I Final

Kirsten Spall

Gesture Drawing:The use of long, slowly curving lines creates a sense of a calm, relaxing moment. Even the few lines at the bottom, clearly show her body placement.
Positive and Negative Space:The artist has drawn attention to the figure by using black in the positive space and creating a negative space full of lines and images.
Shapes into Space:The artist turns several squares (shapes) into forms (houses) by using shadows to create depth. Also, the house on the right is heavily shaded creating the allusion of a curving road.
Space using linear Perspective:The artist uses one point perspective to create a sense of distance. The road appears to be going away from the front of the painting due to how all of the lines go back to one point.
The moon's texture is created by using shadows and circles to create craters on the surface.
Size in this picture creates a sense of space. All figures in the front are larger than those in the back.
Use of line to create rhythm: The use of curved lines in rows creates a sense of movement and rhythm. It creates the allusion that the lines are moving.
The use of overlapping objects in this image creates a sense of space. The little girl is painted on top of the woman holding her. This use of overlapping figures creates the sense of front and behind.
The use of details creates a sense of space in this image. Great detail is shown in the images that are closest to us. You can even see the folds on the woman's skirt. However, the lack of details in other mountains makes them seem far away.
The different tones used in the mountains create a sense of space. The darkest mountain appears closest. Other mountains are lighter, brighter.
This picture uses placement to create a sense of space. The figures that appear to he in the back are placed higher on the plane than the children seated in the front. This makes it look like they are in a circle around the fire.
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