Greek God and goddess

Maya Paul

This is a Portrait of Hephaistion. He was the son of Amyntor. Hephaistion was a member of Alexander the Great's personal bodyguard and The Macedonian king's closest friend and advisor. Alexander sent messengers to the oracle at Siwa to ask if Amon would permit Hephaestion to be worshipped as a God. He was born in c. 356 BC in Macedonia and died c. 324 BC in Babylon.
Venus is the Roman Goddess. She is the Goddess of love, beauty, fertility, prosperity and desire. Venus is the Roman counterpart to Aphrodite. She was born of the foam from the sea after Saturn (Greek Cronus)castrated his father Uranus (Ouranus) and his blood fell to the sea. Venus had two lovers, Vulcan and Mars. She had a children with Mars known as Timor, Metus, Concordia, and the cupids. She also had several mortal lovers.
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