Renaissance Perspective

The works in this gallery are all very similar for many reasons. Three of them are paintings and one of them is a drawing. Most of them use oil or tempera as their medium and they all have buildings as a part of their design. Many of them are Italian, so the way that they portray the buildings are similar.                                                                       They all used vanishing points and a horizon line to create more depth to the artwork. Central perspective was the technique that they all used to create a realistic work of art. Central perspective is when all orthogonal's are pointed towards the same vanishing point. Central perspective is also known as one point perspective.                                         One point perspective relates to the Renaissance Period because it was first used during this period of time. Many artists began to use horizon lines and vanishing points in the Renaissance Period to make their work look more realistic. This technique was used by many notable artists and has been used since it was discovered by Masolino da Panicale. This technique was discovered in the late 1300's or the early 1400's.

Credits: All media
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