life during the great depression

The dust bowl was an agriculural, economic and social disaster that took place durning the 1930'2 on the Great PLains of the U.S.Poor farming practices, servere drought and high winds left much of the farmland unusable. Serve dust storms created blackouts and killed thousands forcing many families to migrate west.
Shantytowns were towns built by homeless people during the Great Depression. The people that lived in the town were very poor and hungrey.
The New Deal were domestic programs. The programs included laws that were passed by congress and presidential executive orders. The laws were passed between 1933-1937.
Bread lines were lines that had free food. Many people were unemployed and homeless so they needed food. They needed the food to feed their families.
Soup kitchens that gave out free soup. No one had food,so people went there so they wouldn't starve.
Hoboes were people that didn't have any where to live. They lived on the street because they had no where to stay because no one had jobs during the Great Depression.
The hoover dam was a dam between Nevada and Arizona. It took 1000 men to build it, and 100 men died from it. It helped get people jobs and helped the river flow.
Bonus armys were marchers in World War I. There were about 43,000 of them. Everyday they were overseas, they would get money. The catch was that the marchers couldn't get paid till 1945.
The Civilian Conservation Corps helped the unemployed and unmarried men. It was a relief program that happened from 1933 to 1942. It also gave the unmarried men a relief from the families. This all was a part of the New Deal
Dorothea Lange was a photographer and photojournalist. Most of her famous work happened during the great depression. She worked for the Farm Security Administration.
Migrant Mother was the name of Florence Owens Thompson. Migrant Mother was also the subject of Dorothea Lange's picture. This picture is a well known picture for the Great Depression.
The work progress administration was the largest American New Deal agency. It employed million of unemployed people. It helped them get money and stay a living.
The Wagner Act had a big impact and the most important piece of the labor legislation enacted in U.S. History. The act said that employers have the right to join, organize, or aid labor unions to the employees.
Tennessee valley authority is a corportation owned by the united states. It was there to provide navigation, flood control, electricity generation, fertilizer manufacturing and economic development.
Herbert hoover was the 31st president of the US. He was president during World War 1. He helped get the country back together after the great depression.