Immortal intervention-Jonathan Davis

This gallery is a representation of the constant intervention into mortal affairs by the Greek Gods.  The majority of the artwork is done on vases.

Depicted on this vase is the battle between Herakles and Kyknos. On either side of the combatants you can see the gods that support them. Herakles in the lion skin is supported by Athena and Hermes while Kyknos is supported by Ares and an unidentified goddess. The emphasis of this vase is the two fighters in the middle of the vase flanked by the gods thats support them. All the figures are in black and orange colors.
Depicted on this vase is Trojan hero Aeneas carrying his father to safety. Behind them you see the goddess Aphrodite who is the father of Aeneas. The positive space on the face is taken up by black while the negative space is a light orange color.
On this vase you see the Greek hero Herakles trying to capture the three headed dog of Hades Kerberos. There to help Herakles is Athena and Hermes. In this piece of art the proportion seems to be off. Kerberos seems to be the same size as the gods and the Greek hero instead of being large.
On this vase you see a married couple riding in a chariot. The god in support of this is Hermes. There are more colors in use on this vase, but that makes all the images blend together making it hard to look at.
This vase depicts the judgment of Paris. He is given a golden apple by Hermes and he must give it to either Aphrodite, Athena or Hera. He chooses Aphrodite which earns him Helen which sparks the Trojan war. The colors on this vase are the same as most with mostly black and orange but a mixing of white as well. You also see some movement, which is Hermes moving forward and shaking Paris's hand.
This painting is depicting the Titan Promethius being chained to a rock for eternal punishment. The negative space is gray and black shadow, while the positive space is mostly white. The emphasis of the painting is Promethius being chained to the rock.
This vase depicts the creation of Pandora. You see all the gods heaping their "gifts" upon Pandora. Again the color scheme is the same with the blacks, oranges, and whites. You see some movement depicted by a lot of waving hands.
This plate again depicts the judgement of Paris. On this plate you clearly see paris delivering the apple to Aphrodite. Unlike on the vases, there are many colors depicted. The emphasis of the plate is the foreground where you can see Paris handing the apple to Aphrodite.
Depicted on this vase are Achilles and Ajax two of the greatest heroes of Greece. You see them playing a game while Athena is in between them gesturing. The same color schemes persist and the emphasis is on the two seated Greek heroes.
This vase depicts the father of Hector pleading with Achilles for the body of his fallen son. Hermes is shown bringing gifts to help persuade Achilles. The proportion of the images is odd with all figures appearing to be the same size. The colors are the same as the other vases.
Credits: All media
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