SHowing of figures and shapes

A talented showing of pieces displaying texture, rhythm, and color. It follows the guide lines of soft landscapes and people/ figures through out. It has a few exceptions throughout the gallery though. Each of these pieces are special and unique for many reasons as you will see in the discriptions. Please enjoy!

I love how light the colors are, and how the sun hits the water and makes it shimmer.
This fits the theme of nature, along with being stunning! The detail to color and texture only makes the piece unique and a total eye catcher.
The artist who made this had very good attention to the shading throughout the trees along with the shapes along with it.
It shows how hard their job is. I love the way you see the shapes, yet they make people, fields, trees, and hay.
I like the colors and how they balance out throughout the painting. The whole piece seems to fit together and flow.
The colors in this one are very relaxing and light. I like how smooth it all flows together.
It has very good detail throughout it's many many doorways. The structure also has a very good point of view, like how it shows the mass using the clouds.
I like the little animals all over it and how it has a pretty back round with the mountains.
I like how the colors all blend together, and how softly they go throughout. The outlines of the what looks like people are very well done with the shapes.
I love every aspect of this paining. I love the colors, shapes, rhythm, and contrast. It all seems to well put together.
I like the 3D aspect of all the lines crossing an the little specs flying out of it all.
I like the ladies expression in a subtle way. I also like the folds in her dress and hoe defined they are.
I have seen this paining in a family members house for a long time, therefore it holds a special place in my heart.
This is special to me because it is one of my nanas favorite paintings and I got to see it in person with her.
I like the gradient in the strokes.