Life during the great depression 

The Dust Bowl was an agricultural, economic, and social disaster that took place during the 1930's on the Great Plains of the U.S Poor farming practices,severe drought and high winds left much of the farmland usable.Severe dust storms created blackouts and killed thousands forcing many families to migrate west.
The New Deal, created new domestic programs/ jobs around the U.S to try and help with the Great Depression. The products had the nickname of American Goods.
The Breadlines in the Great Depressions were free food for those who could not afford to provide for themselves. or others, due to job loss and bad times. The breadline showed many ashamed men, with hard looks, many did not want charity, but could not afford it any other way.
Herbert Hoover was the president During a portion of the Great Depression 1929-1933. Many people of the United States blamed him for the Depression. From this Hoover vills came to be, shanky towns.
The C.C.C was a public work relief group, this helped relieve families during the Great Depression. This was for Youth men who were not married, They would be provided with work, shelter and food. They would be given $30 a month and $25 had to be sent home to families.
Dorothea Lange was a photographer during the Great Depression, She became famous because of the work she did for the Farm Security Administration.
This is a picture of Dorothea Lange she took it herself it became an iconic picture in the Great Depression because it showed the struggles a lot of people were going through. Dorothea herself was struggling, she was just trying to maintain her family and keep them alive. She even sold her car tires to buy food.
The Tennessee Valley Authority was a federal owned corporation in the 1930's created to provide navigation, flood control, and electricity generation.
Bonus Army was a popular name for a group marchers (43,000 W/ 17,000 of them veterans) who gathered in Washington D.C to demand their cash pay redemption of their certificates in the time of 1932.
The Work Administration Act employed millions of of unemployed people, it was a major organization in the New Deal.
In U.S history the Wagner Act is the most is the most important piece of labor legislation. It guaranteed basic rights to those working,it was the foundation of the United States Labor Law.
Hoover Dam was a dam dedicated to President Herbert Hoover by President Roosevelt. The damn was build during the Great depression and cost over a hundred lives. Te dam is located in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River.
During the Great Depression their was Soup Kitchens offered to those who could not afford food due to unemployment. The Soup Kitchens were free, or a very low price.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt served at president from 1933 to 1945. President Roosevelt came up with the New Deal and was the foundation of the new unions that were being formed during the time of the Great Depression.
The shantytowns were labeled as Hoovervilles, they were called hoovervilles because many people blamed President Herbert Hoover for the Great Depression. Hobos lives in these Hoovervilles, they were scattered all across the Country.
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