The feeling of Color

By: Larry Robey

The multiple colors have dark shading and show tension in the illustration.
The colors show colors mainly used in urban settings and make everything seem more on the dull side.
these colors are the colors of autumn and make it soothing and peaceful to view.
With all of the dark reds and oranges makes this give off the feeling of anger and hatred in this painting.
The woman in the painting is surrounded by dull colors and is wearing blue and i think this symbolizes sadness as you can also tell from her expression.
The art piece is all blue which indicates the author wanted to show sadness and depression with this work.
The multiple warm colors give a nice and easy feeling to this piece of art. This work also has many shades of green also imposing a surreal or supernatural feel.
This painting has many shades of blue giving a feeling of loneliness and isolation more than sadness.
Because the main focus of this piece of art is all red, this instills fear and hatred towards the viewer.
Much like the picture before, this main symbol of this art is red and imposes anger or hatred. But with the many dull colors it may also suggest isolation.
This picture has a couple shades of light blue and gives off a feeling of despair and fear.
The sharp change of color gives the viewer a mixed feeling of fear, surrealism, hatred, and forgiveness.
With many blues and deep shades, this gives off a feeling of sadness and depression or the feeling of not being able to continue on.
The two colors show confliction and disagreement between two forces. Nothing can be solved and will always be arguing.
The woman is covered in dark colors such as red and a blueish green. These suggest emotions such as aggressiveness and loneliness or isolation.
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