'To infinity and beyond'

This exhibition is called ‘To Infinity and beyond’. The theme of ‘To infinity and Beyond”   is about outer space, space travel and the things that happen in what is sometimes referred to as ‘the unknown’.  The artworks that are found in this exhibition all relate to the theme of outer space. There are a wide variety of different Medias used in this exhibition. Some of the Medias that are a part of this unique exhibition are paintings, photographs, mixed Medias, installations and sculptures. The artworks relate to each other in a variety of ways. Some relate through colour, some through texture, others through subject matter and others through shape or media used. In some of the fifteen artworks that are a part of ‘Infinity and beyond’ the theme, which is outer space and be clearly seen and not much analysis is needed to reveal how that artwork links back to theme. ’To infinity and beyond’ has some simple artworks, like the moon, stars, planets and astronauts, as wells as more detailed, interesting artworks with lights and odd shapes.  In some of the other artworks that are a part of the exhibition the theme is not clear and does not jump out at the audience of the piece. These artworks have a more under toned theme, and not as strong a link to ‘outer space’ as some of the other artworks in the exhibition. These pieces require more analysis than those simple artworks for the theme of ‘outer space’ to be revealed to the audience.

Post-modern frame - This is an artwork of what the artist interprets space to be. The artist has taken the traditional side of space being little more than a void and has portrayed it as a chaotic, exciting place where there are always things happening. The artist has given another meaning to what the audience would traditionally view as 'outer space'
Structural Frame- THis artwork is a mixed media installation . It is made of plastic and metal witches, controllers on a perforated aluminum plate. The lights that are on the artwork are all different colours, shapes and sizes, which add to the texture of the artwork
Subjective Frame - This artwork has the power to evoke many feelings amongst it's audience. Many viewers would be proud that they have experienced such a historic event. Although, there could be viewers of the artwork that have had a tragic experience with outer space, this artwork has the power to make those people feel sadness or loss as it brings back the memories of what happened.
Cultural Frame - This artwork is a photograph of the first time man landed on the moon. The influence of this artwork was the historical event, when man stepped on the moon for the first time on July 20, 1969.
Credits: All media
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