DC Comics

This gallery will feature comic art taken by covers of comic books from DC.

In this comic cover art, a militia group is probably trying to take over or destroy a place which might be Gotham.
In this cover art, it is shown that Aquaman is trapped and his former sidekick Aqualad is about to kill him. Aqualad was probably brainwashed by Black Manta.
In this cover, a part of the Justice League has been trapped and brainwashed by a villain called Johnny Dune.
In this cover art, Wonder Woman meets her evil sister called Nubia in a battle to the death.
In this cover art, a villain is attacking Mal Duncan and the team is letting him fight alone probably for sweet revenge.
This cover art probably introduces the new Green Lantern called John Stewart
In this art cover, a crazed villain is going up against Superman & Superboy and other heroes that are trying to take him down.
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