The Japanese Art of Color

A gallery demonstrating the amazing color style and display of Japanese art work and designs. 

The Hozu River is an amazing piece of style of cool colors and design by Seiho Takeuchi, displaying in artistic value the beauty of his work depicting the well known river.
Crows and Herons is a piece of well done contrasting colors between a light yellow tinted medium, and the dark colored and outlined birds and environments in the piece, giving it a true majestic look.
The title of this piece perfectly describes the work, as the colors stand out very brightly and work in such synchronization, that they make the piece pop out and display the true beauty in it.
While seemingly not full of color like the others, the very light tints of blue, pink, and light brown let the piece stand out and make the plum tree stand out and flow from the background.
A beautiful contrast of a cool dark blue for the background and the stunningly glowing white in the center, The Star draws peoples attention instantly due to it's wonderful blend of color.
Tale of Genji demonstrates the true style of traditional Japanese color style by mixing in a variety of light and dark colors to build a very stunning background scene based on an old story.
The flow of different colored demons that move from one side of the painting to the other, allow for Night Parade of a Hundred Demons to display a constantly shifting tone across the piece.
While the colors of this piece are all beautifully done, what will draw the attention of viewers is the deep dark red hidden beneath the bright colored cloak, creating an eye drawing contrast to it.
While the yellow background takes up most of the piece, the main focus is the bright colors of the geisha and white sakura petals, beautifully popping out of the scene and drawing eyes towards it.
This piece uses a variety of differently cool colors to draw a sense of tranquility to the piece, as the people in it simply enjoy the day together and let their worries fade away.
This piece uses a very small set of colors, but outline the designs of the outfit and the character so well that they help the piece feel more alive and give off a sense of emotion to the character.
This piece with the geishas has its' color start from the bottom and work it's way up, slowly changing in tone and depth of color, giving a varying mix throughout the whole piece.
While the bright pink, red, and white stand out in the very dark background, it is also the very dark colored stems and leaves that pop out in the scene and contrast well with the roses bright tone.
Little needs to be said that most don't know, as the mixture of the bright white and dark blue displays a sense of majesty and power about the waves that is naturally seen already.
This piece has a sense of reverse tone, in which the background is lighter than the main focus's very flat and dark cool colors, which helps to make it stand out and demonstrate the artistic value.
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