Art 112/120 jaquasha littlejohn

Instructor :Torri Lorraine

This piece of art really caught my eye because of the stance and its appearance. Part human part animal, aging face,huge eyes,matted beard, acorns in hair, and goats horn from forehead.
This is an amazing example of Etruscan bronze sculpture,this is dated back 500-470 BCE. This figure to me is amazing, she is taking care of the infants, nursed them back to life. This is amazing work
Raised wings of this goddess indicates that she had just set of the stone ship , which indicated naval victory. This amazing art work was found in april of 1863 by French expedition led by Charles c.
Hagesandros,Polydros,& Athenodros of Rhodes Laocoonv& his sons. This is one of my favorites,This is an episode from the Trojan war when the priest warned the Trojans not to bring within their walls
Credits: All media
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